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Deburring Metal: What You Need To Know

14 December 2019
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During the industrial steel fabrication process, some of the metal pieces can become burred with sharp edges. This can impact the overall quality of the part and can cause errors during the process of assembly. The following is some information about deburring metal pieces: What Is a Burr? A burr is a sharp or jagged edge of steel fabrication and can happen at any point in the fabrication process. A burr can occur during the stamping or forming of the steel.
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4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Manufacturer To Produce Your Health Store’s New Herbal Supplements

22 April 2019
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Now that you've decided to sell house-brand herbal supplements in your health store, you have to find a reliable manufacturer to produce the products for you. Here are a few questions that should be asked before deciding which prospective manufacturer to work with long-term: What are the Capsules Made of? It's important to find out exactly what the capsules that will be used to create your herbal supplements are made of.
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I never really gave much though to where the products in my home come from. That is until I was forced to take a job in a manufacturing plant after being laid off. It was then that I realized just how much work went into the creating the machinery and processes used to make the products that millions of people just like me took for granted everyday. Shortly after I began my job at the manufacturing plant, I was able to find a new job that better fit my skill set and so I left the manufacturing industry behind. However, the impact that this job had on my way of thinking has stuck around ever since. That is why I wanted to start a website dedicated to the manufacturing process so that others could learn to appreciate this process just as I have.