A Homeowner's Glossary Of Metal Roofing Features And Components

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A Homeowner's Glossary Of Metal Roofing Features And Components

A Homeowner's Glossary Of Metal Roofing Features And Components

13 April 2015
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It is no secret that a metal roof is one that is durable and reliable, as it has been used on rooftops of homes for years. However durable metal roofing may be, it does not come without its own set of unique issues that can arise. When you call on a professional roofer for help, it will be helpful if you can clearly express what the problem is. This is easier to accomplish if you know the industry names for some of the most common metal roofing features and components.

Cricket - The cricket is a bridge of sorts that connects the metal roofing to the backside of a chimney. It is typically peaked in formation and is often prone to damage during storms or inclement weather.

Flashings - The flashing is a strip of thin metal that is installed around the perimeter of the roof to protect the points where the roof meets the upper structure of your house. Because of its thin and flexible nature, it is not uncommon for flashing to have to be replaced or repaired several times throughout the life of the roof.

Metal Roofing Clip - During installation, small metal clips are used to connect the roofing sheets to each other to create a interconnected structure. These clips may slip out of place and show up in your gutters or the on the ground below.

Fascia - The fascia of the metal roof refers to the snapped on material around the edging of the roof and the gables. The gutters are most often connected to the fascia as they are just as stable as the roof itself.

Drip Edge - If the eaves of your home do not have gutters, you will likely see what is commonly referred to as a drip edge by professional roofers. This strip of metal is designed to protect the edge of the eaves of the home by directing water away from the roof.

Dormer - If you have windows protruding from the roof of your home from upper levels of the house, the roofing over these windows will be called dormers. Because the dormer is a protective barrier for a window, it is especially important to ensure they are in good shape.

By understanding the meanings of some of the key terms used in the roofing industry, it will be much easier to explain any issues you are having when you place a call for help. When something goes wrong, it is highly likely that it will be a component of the metal roof and not the entire structure.

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