Three Reasons Why Every Distributor Needs Wrapping Machinery Upgrades

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Three Reasons Why Every Distributor Needs Wrapping Machinery Upgrades

Three Reasons Why Every Distributor Needs Wrapping Machinery Upgrades

19 May 2015
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When you work in distribution of products requiring pallet and stretch wrappers, upgrading outdated technology is a must. The manufacturing of stretch wrappers has come a long way to include options that make this routine aspect of distribution safer, cost effective, and incredibly efficient.

So if you're still using technology that requires manual loading, universal plastics, or continual oversight during operation, you should consider three reasons why it's time to upgrade:

Safety is Prioritized

Pallet wrapping machinery has not always been stringently regulated to require elevated safety mechanisms. But according to current operational needs, stretch wrapping equipment falls under the OSHA general requirements for all machinery to utilize safety mechanisms, like barrier doors and fixed fencing.

Barrier doors and fixed fencing keep workers away from vulnerable areas where injury is most likely to occur. Enclosed wrappers and automation of processes also help to create a smaller space requirement for loading, which imposes less of a footprint in warehouse areas and gives a safer mechanism for wrapped pallets to interact with overhead cranes or lifts.

Green is Gold

Green technology can turn your last leg of distribution into gold. Stretch wrapping machinery has been updated to include power-saving processes that wrap can wrap better with less plastic. Film options have changed to include recycled and recyclable plastics, as well as advanced plastics that wrap without exposing products to high temperatures, so there's less of a chance of damage or spoilage.

When you use green technology, you not only save money on every cycle and every load, there are often tax and energy incentives for using energy efficient machinery.

And since there's a shift in public perception that demands responsible distribution, using greener options in packaging will help your company be noticed by customers as well. 

Efficiency Takes Precedence

Sensitive automation allows you to use only as much film as is required per load, instead of the same amount every time, and it can determine the needs for different types of loads depending on product specifications. With less of a need for human oversight, loads can be wrapped and managed better, with automatic adjustments made whether output demands are high or low.

Adjustments not only increase energy efficiency, they allow you to cycle through different types of product manufacture and distribution preparations in a more controlled and regulated way. Ultimately, loads are wrapped tighter and with less plastic, but will also be easier to open for the worker that's about to shelve your product.

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